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Hybrid Work is Here to Stay: Are You Ready?

This report combines insights from research literature and findings from author interviews with credit union leaders and staff regarding optimal hybrid work arrangements and strategies.

Executive Summary

Like most organizations, credit unions are transitioning from fully remote work towards hybrid work models. While many business leaders and academics believe a hybrid arraignment is the "future of work," there are also credit union managers and leadership teams grappling withconflicting hybrid work preferences across staff and concerns over trust and culture. When it comes to hybrid work, middle managers have been found to be critical touchpoints bridging leadership and staff. As credit unions move forward in their hybrid work strategies, providing strategic planning and training opportunities for middle managers can make forming work arrangements both easier and more effective.

This report investigates how credit unions are managing their return to work and hybrid work arrangements, identifies the issues credit unions face and provides actionable approaches to resolving these issues with anemphasis on the manager’s role in enabling an effective hybrid workplace.

Credit Union Implications

Hybrid work arrangements have provided benefits to many employees, with productivity and engagement appearing to increase with hybrid work. Employees have spoken loud and clear: they want the flexibility that working from home affords but still want to spend some time in the office. These team members are prepared to look elsewhere for that flexibility if their credit union does not offer it. Therefore it is crucial that credit unions offer a thoughtful hybrid work program if they want to be competitive in the war for talent. 

Download the report to learn more on creating the optimal hybrid work arrangement. 

Filene thanks its members and Inner Circle sponsors for helping support this research from the Center for War for Talent.

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