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A State and Regional Analysis: Effects of Public Policy on Credit Union Select Employee Groups

State and regional figures on the effects of the court ruling prohibiting Select Employee Groups (SEGs).

Executive Summary

The purpose of this special report is to extend the work in the previous report, An Analysis of Public Policy on Credit Union Select Employee Groups. In that report we analyzed the issue of a recent court ruling on credit union select employee groups from a national perspective, using data from the Current Population Survey (CPS). Here we extend that analysis to the state and regional levels by taking advantage of the fact that the CPS sample includes households in all states. Overall, we find that the state and regional analysis mirrors the findings at the national level. In this report, we briefly review our earlier findings and then proceed to the state and regional analysis.

What is this report about?

This report evaluates the implications of the recent court interpretation of the Federal Credit Union Act with regard to SEGs on the state and regional levels. 

What are the credit union implications?

Members of Congress may wish to know the effect in their home states of the court ruling on credit union select employee groups. State legislators may wish to have information in evaluating statutes that govern state chartered credit unions. This report provides the same sort of information at the state and regional level that our previous report provided for the national level.

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