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The New Hybrid Credit Union Workplace: Culture, Performance, and a People-Centered Strategy

Remote work has shifted views on traditional workplace culture. With employees returning to the office, credit union leaders will need to rethink their organizational workplace strategy, from physical spaces to new policies and practices that will meet employees' evolving expectations.

  • Mark Alguard President at Momentum

Executive Summary

After two years of pandemic-driven remote work, credit union leaders know their workplace cultures and staff expectations have shifted, sometimes in dramatic ways. The post-pandemic workplace will not (and should not) look the same as it did pre-pandemic. 

So, how can credit unions create office environments that foster high-performing collaborative and independent work, restore community, and rebuild their organization’s culture? Leaders should begin with a people-centered strategy to better inform planning and implementation in a manner that can help reinforce organizational culture and deliver enhanced performance.

Why It Matters—A Credit Union Perspective

The emerging workplace model is likely a hybrid of in-person and remote work. Most organizations will find a way to incorporate the benefits of both models, with the most prevalent workplace model likely a hybrid of virtual and physical office work.

Research has shown employees value the benefits of working from home, such as not having a commute, the ability to be focused and productive, and increased control over one’s work environment. On the flip side, feelings of isolation have increased as it is hard to replicate the connection that comes with in-person interactions. Furthermore, research has shown that the experience of virtual versus in-person differs amongst demographics including age, race, and gender.

It is critical for credit unions to spend the time evaluating their individual employee's experience as they develop the best workplace strategy for their credit union.
Justin Martin
TAPCO Credit Union

This report highlights where credit unions should start in evaluating their individual employee’s experience as they develop the best workplace strategy for their credit union. Download the report and accompanying road map to begin rethinking your credit union's workplace strategy.

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