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Webinar: Leading with Heart, Earning Results

Review the webinar materials from Leading with Heart, Earning Results, hosted on May 24, 2022.

Filene's renowned Crasher program has a unique approach to leading emerging credit union leaders. It starts with authentic and empathetic leadership. Today, Filene dove into the connection burnout and loneliness has with team member performance and retention, showed leaders how to tap into authenticity and empathy to guide their teams forward, and shared insights from two credit union leaders in the field showcasing the power of authentic & empathetic leadership on the bottom line.

  • Watch the webinar recording below.
  • Review the presentation deck here.
  • New to Filene's DEI Practices and Policies Survey is an Employee Experience component to deepen your insights into how your DEI efforts are affecting work engagement, inclusion and other organizational factors.

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