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Laura Gilliam

Research + Communications Associate at Filene Research Institute

As the Research and Communications Associate for the Filene Research Institute, Laura's role is to ensure that Filene's research is presented in a variety of formats, and to facilitate different research products that help busy professionals absorb Filene's content more easily.

She often writes executive summaries, directs the production of videos and animations, and meets with designers and web professionals that help communicate Filene's research to our credit union audience.

In addition, she works along side a team of researchers who are often traveling to host colloquia and other events, and she holds down Fort Filene while her colleagues work off-site. Although you may not hear her, she attends most research council meetings, taking careful notes, and enjoying the many insights on our work from our credit union leaders. She is often in contact with the many Filene researchers, as well as our various Research Councils, made up of leaders from the credit union community.

Laura has many talents and skills. She has a Bachelor of Arts from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, and an MA and C. Phil. from UCLA. Her long tenure of conducting graduate research informs her work at Filene. She is well prepared to help Filene harness robust, academic research and translate it for our credit union community. This helps ensure the quality expected from Filene Research Institute reports, and helps maintain the high standards that our credit union members have come to trust.

Laura enjoys being in nature, identifying plants, foraging, cooking, gardening, canoeing and camping. She’s a third generation Californian, but really enjoys living in Wisconsin. 

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