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3 Things to Know About Filene Events

With ideas, truth and cooperation at the core, Filene events bring together the best and brightest to dive deep into issues vital to the future of consumer finance. Filene membership gives you front-and-center access to unique event experiences filled with an innovative community and unbiased research and tools for you to put theory to practice, and connect ideas and spark action.

Here are the top three things you should know about Filene events:

1. We release new and never-before-seen research insights live to our event attendees before anyone else.

Last month, during our “Amplifying Impact” research event featuring content from our Centers for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and for Community Social Impact, Fellow Dr. Quinetta Roberson gave a keynote address where attendees were the first to learn the initial findings from our industry-wide DEI Policies and Practices Survey looking into what efforts in DEI are most effective and most correlated to firm performance.

Perhaps most insightful, attendees that day learned that a self-assessment rating of 284 executives at credit unions and industry organizations who responded to a question asking to rank their leadership’s commitment to DEI resulted in a 78 out of 100. A “pretty high” score, said Dr. Roberson, but with clear room for improvement. Dr. Roberson continued to give her assessment of preliminary findings, such as presence of mentorship programs for underrepresented groups, supplier diversity initiatives and performance processes linked to DEI policies. Filene’s full report on DEI and credit union performance from this industry-wide survey is set to be released in October – but our event attendees will always be the first to get a peek at what’s coming.

2. We are expanding how you and your team can experience Filene events.

Before the pandemic, we often were asked if our events would be live-streamed or made available for those who couldn’t travel to benefit from the speakers and sessions from afar. We believed the in-person experience couldn’t be replicated remotely in a way that would give equal experience and value that we are proud to give to our event attendees. Well, the pandemic has changed everything and challenged us to push past boundaries in ways we’ve never done before.

A bit of innovative creativity and a lot of learning over the past year and half has shown us that it is in fact possible to keep a virtual component of our events in place, even as we return to our renowned in-person activities. For the time being, Filene events will stay hybrid, giving you and your teams the option of attending in person OR of attending remotely.

Check out the upcoming opportunities you have to attend our Cultivating Innovation and Humanizing Technology event with experts from our Center for Emerging Technology and our newest Center for Innovation & Incubation, and our signature annual event, back after a one-year hiatus, big.bright.minds.

3. Your registration for all Filene events is included as part of your Innovator, Leader, Visionary or Inner Circle Filene Membership!

That’s right—there is no registration fee as these events are a benefit exclusively for our members. Your Filene membership connects you to a community of growing, innovation-minded credit unions dedicated to thinking forward and changing lives. One of our “superpowers” is the power of connection and there is no place where that power is stronger than at each of Filene’s events.

Connect with us at [email protected] if you are interested in taking advantage of this membership benefit, becoming a member at this level, or want us to connect you to any of our experts or resources. We are always happy to help connect you to people and ideas!

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