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The Story of our Culture of Growth and Development

One fateful day at Filene, we received an email, and the subject line solemnly read, "Andrew Downin is leaving..." SPOILER ALERT: After a collective panic attack had by all, the story ends with a win, for both Filene and for professional growth and development. Andrew tells the story in our newest podcast and we talk about opportunities that might be right for you to join Team Filene!

"Andrew Downin is leaving..." That's all the subject of the email said. We play a lot of tricks on each other at Filene, and this email was from George, but it was enough to scare us, and it certainly was an effective way to get us to read an email immediately.

Upon opening, George mercifully made it clear right away that Andrew was only leaving the Innovation role to move into the Research role. And we all could celebrate the evolution, growth and development of one of our beloved colleagues here at Filene.

It really is like a family here, and when one of us moves out of the Filene house, we celebrate but also know a piece of us is missing, as was the case for our gentle Ben Rogers who recently took a position as Head of Content for Qualtrics in Utah. (We still love/miss you Ben!) I think we all just really didn't want to say goodbye again so soon--and were happy to learn we didn't have to. 

But it opened our eyes to a bigger conversation about how we at Filene truly do support the development and growth goals of our people. It's what keeps us interested, involved, passionate and hard-working—to push forward with our mission to help credit unions continue to find better, bigger, easier, faster ways to serve all the financial needs of all members of a community.

I had a chat with Andrew about his desire to take on a new role at Filene and brought in Tiffany Litscher, our HR Manager, to share more on Filene's philosophy on developing talent and growing from within. Take a listen to our latest podcast to hear the story straight from Andrew and Tiffany.

If you think one of our current opportunities might be right for you, check out our jobs page and let us know.

We'd love to see you here!

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