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Relive #BigBright Virtually; Join us for Money Talk

Last week was a big darn busy week for Filene members! We held our annual member meeting where we shared a report on the impact we've had over the past year because of your donations and belief in what we can do together in this industry. We hosted our biggest stakeholder event of the year, big. bright. minds., where we showed you what we've been working on the past year, what we have planned for next year and covered some wildcard topics to get our constituents thinking about the future.

And you better believe we had fun as much as we worked hard. We spent an evening at the Madison Children's Museum to force our brains to see ideas from new angles, even upside down.

Then we spent a "day away" exploring various organizations, concepts and people who shared ideas that enabled us to expand and apply our thinking from earlier in the week in new ways to hack away at unsolved challenges and improve the way we meet people's financial needs.

Below is a summary of sessions, links to presentation decks, photos and videos so you can experience it virtually, or relive the moments you were there with us.

Thank you for sharing this time with us. One of the greatest benefits of being a Filene member is your in-depth access to our research and our researchers. If you enjoyed this experience and want more, or you weren't able to join us and are looking for our next opportunity, don't worry, it's not far away. Join us for our Center for Consumer Decision Making Colloquium: Money Talk on November 18 in Tucson, Arizona. Attendance is free for Filene members!

2016 Annual Member Meeting

View the Donor Impact Report

Whether you were able to join us or not, we gave cheers to all our members and the positive impact your membership contributions have made to strengthen the credit union movement this year. Check out the photos from the event and this video highlighting where we're headed in the year ahead:

#BigBright #Minds

On the main day, we packed in the sessions from researchers, professors, authors, credit union and industry leaders and Filene i3ers, members and staff. It was an exciting, exhilarating, inspiring day, if not a tad bit exhausting. We even had a special visit from Bucky!

Check out the line-up of sessions and each presenters' session materials (plus i3 presentations). This is your best bet for capturing or re-capturing the key insights of the day. 

Don't forget to check out the photos from the sessions, review all your peer's social media conversations, and watch a snippet of the research presented about Millennial's language on money and finances that we invite you to delve into much deeper with us at the upcoming Money Talk Colloquium.

Filene Merrymaking

After filling our brains to their breaking point, we thought it best to head to the Madison Children's Museum and let the inner #Kidult in us come out and play. And well, we made merry...enough said. Let the pictures tell their thousand words.

Filene Day Away

On our last day together, we broke up into groups and each went on a journey so special, it's worth explaining each group's topics and where we visited:

Wine & Credit Unions: Mapping the Ideal Member Journey

We started the day talking about the Member Journey/Member Effort and why that matters (and the omni-channel challenge - true competitors are not banks, but these organizations that are creating simple/easy experiences), and had Bright Cellars (check them out!) present on what they’ve built and how they came to develop this experience. Then we leveraged Constance Anderson’s MemberXP data to identify one of the biggest experience challenges, and finally we led the group through a Journey Mapping experience.

An Epic Look at Talent and Innovation

We toured the *epic* Epic Systems campus and had a discussion on Epic's recruiting philosophy and practices that net nearly 1,000 top-flight employees every year. Next, author, researcher and FinTech and crowdfunding expert Richard Swart took us on a journey into the near-term opportunities to connect credit unions to the next big FinTech moves.

Build, Test, Learn, Repeat: An Innovation

New ideas are a dime a dozen, but creating lasting impact requires implementation. On this day's adventure, we explored with our i3'ers how organizations take ideas from theory to reality and the hurdles that often stand in the way of bringing ideas to life with Design Concepts. We also visited Isthmus Engineering, a worker cooperative, and Sector 67, a unique HackerSpace in Madison. We also heard from several local political and community leaders on the power of collaboration and action.

The adventures were big (there were even giant *human* slides)! Check out the photo album to relive the wonder. 

We hope to see you at Money Talk on Nov. 18 and many more opportunities to engage with us before we see you again in Austin, TX at big. bright. minds 2017!

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