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Knowledge Sharing: Findings from Two Pilots

Good communication is hard to find. And communicating effectively within an organization is necessary for success, but especially when organizations take on big challenges. Huggy Rao and two doctoral students from Stanford Graduate School of Business created a knowledge sharing platform specifically designed for credit unions. This report shares what Filene learned from this pilot project, and what credit union leaders can do to cultivate an environment for better knowledge sharing in their organizations.

Executive Summary

Credit union leaders and managers can congratulate themselves because the mission-driven aspect of their organizations has everyone, from the front lines to the back office, aligned on the values, direction, and mission of the organization. We know there are many examples of this, and we not only admire the cultural triumphs of these well-run organizations, but borrow from them as much as possible to learn and practice their techniques.

But even the best organizations cannot run perfectly all of the time. Case in point: cultures change. People come and people go. Sometimes organizational norms, such as the sharing of ideas, lose prominence, or bad habits emerge and take hold. Organizations are like living organisms that need continual tending, cultivation, and care. Credit union leaders and managers have a variety of tools and practices at the ready to use in achieving their ends.


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